A Weekend in Kuala Lumpur: A Reflection

It will always be my belief that life itself is an endless pursuit of meaning. Soe Hok Gie in his renowned poem desired to die inside his lover’s arm after a lifetime of “search for meaning”; that even the devil himself has no clue about. The world-celebrated psychiatrist Viktor Frankl in his magnum opus ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ introduced the mass into the concept of logotherapy, again, parallel with the title. Contemporary readings are recently introducing Ikigai, the Japanese concept that means roughly ‘that which makes life worth living’. I could certainly say that I am not alone in this mortal quest.

Perhaps, spending a weekend in Kuala Lumpur for visiting a buddy of 6 years has been one of the many highlights I had for 2019. Started out as the wittiest of conversations that we had within Instagram direct message realm, it gradually evolved into amusing yet deep and the most earnest tête-à-tête ever. Perhaps, discovering our own ‘fan-theory’ about our minuscule significance in this universe was the most dumbfounding thing.

I can remember it clearly regarding our day discoveries. How it ends up with a series of serendipities.

That night when I discovered rows of printed shirts in your wardrobe that lead us to a huge thrift shop at the side of a quiet road (by the time this was written I was spending the last 15 minutes searching for its name… to no avail). Or, the time we were avoiding a group of lion dancers in Chinatown we ended up uncovering a pretty little alley that was pretty unknown that moment. Or, when we went all the way to Cyberjaya just to visit a fun spot and ended up not making it inside. A pretty unpleasant one, but still, we encountered an enjoyable train ride with an appealing golden hour ray. And oh, the most epic one perhaps went to the time we stumble across Joe Taslim’s doppelgänger when we had our Polo Bun breakfast.

Talk about the time we stayed up until 3 AM for the sake of talking about body authority and how empowering it is to be in charge of our self. Or how the world itself is constantly changing we have to keep ourselves hawk-eyed with it. I am immensely thankful knowing you personally, intimately.

I, an INTJ, hereby proclaim to acquire a new ENFP to conquer the earth together. Or in other words, another ENFP in my life has adopted me as a companion, haha.

Here’s for many adventures and discoveries ahead and as always, being incredibly spontaneous and living life dangerously. Perhaps, that is indeed what life is meant to be.


Productive Weekend: Indigo Batik Technique with Kana Goods at Indoestri

Today, I decided to join my mum to an indigo batik technique workshop turned into mother-daughter weekend quality time at one of the most prominent maker spaces in Jakarta: Indoestri (after wanting to join their workshops for a while.

I found the workshop to be incredibly insightful and our tutor, Bu Rini (founder and owner of Kana Goods), encouraged us to go beyond our comfort zones and conventionality by inventing new patterns that reflect our personality and style. Thus, here I am with my contemporary batik pattern of the eyes, haha.

On the other hand, indigo batik is one of our nation greatest manifestation of natural resources that goes in harmony with our creativity. I believe there will never be the same piece of indigo batik fabrics since everything was made carefully and even a slight change of circumstances can differ the results.

I couldn't ask for a better weekend than today, because I learned a lot.