It might seems highly obvious that she was that “class artist” back then that everyone had in high school. Who would’ve thought that this initiated her interests in graphic design and working in the creative industries?

Graduated from BA Visual Communication Design in 2016, she worked both on-site and remotely for design studios based in Jakarta, Indonesia and Toronto, Canada. Additionally, she worked as a freelancer under her own self-brand during the course of 2017 until present.

By the end of 2018, she graduated from MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins, London. While the name of the course sounds like a joke, it turns out to be another way to say ‘design research’; a course which foreground research and iterative testings as creative tools.

When she’s not busy designing and illustrating, you will find her constantly wandering around off-the-beaten paths or writing her feelings off into her journal and sketchbooks. She’s particularly interested into collectible ephemeras which ultimately led her examining this particular subject for her MA thesis. She’s working on to sharpen her writing skills. Her writings mostly include travelogues and personal essays (and occasionally sappy, melancholic poems).

Whilst her online portfolio is currently under construction, you can find her works here.